About Beest Creative

Daring to re-Design The World

Our Values

Stay Curious

By constantly engaging with the world around us our minds stay nimble and open to new ideas.

Be Brave

Progress comes from expression and daring to do. If it doesn't feel even a little risky, you probably aren't making progress.

Embrace Vulnerability

Creativity is vulnerability. Ideas are born when the expected meets the unexpected.

Communicate Candidly

Be clear and open with communication. Leaving questions unanswered or leads to lack of clarity and uncertainty which stifles creativity.

At Present

At our core we are creative problem solvers, go-getters and boundary pushers. We are wary of becoming stagnant but our curiosity feeds our pursuit of the new, the scary and the revolutionary.

We roar loudest when working with businesses and brands with bold visions who need a supporting identity to match. Our strategic thinking goes fist-in-fist with creative freedom to design and maintain the marketing tools you require to bring your vision to life.

Our origins

Sam Elsden has been a professional graphic designer since 2010.

As the founder and creative director of Beest Creative, he wears many hats, but his favourite is when he gets to find truly creative solutions to business problems.

After qualifying in Graphic Communication in 2010 he began his creative career as a junior designer at a small agency in Surrey, England. Later he took up a position as creative lead in a printing business for six years where he was responsible for internal brand development and providing direction to team members for client work.

In 2018 Beest Creative was formed.
"There are three responses to a piece of design, yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for"

— Milton Glaser
Logo designs circa 2001

Are you ready?
We work with fearless businesses to inspire the world.