Updating a brand identity

Enhancing the connection between Company and customer

Ideal Detail

The story

Ideal Detail is an independent car detailing specialist, providing paint
correction, new car detailing and PPF (paint protection film) services.

Founder and hard-grafter Dave Whitehouse is able to call upon his 17 years experience in the automotive industry to offer customers a better-than-factory finish and ongoing protection advice and services for their cars.

Ideal Detail had been proudly displaying their original logo since 2007 but through conversations with customers, felt that the business was in a different place today, outgrowing the original design.

The challenge

Ideal Detail challenged Beest Creative to design a logo and develop a brand that aligned with who they were now, rather than who they used to be.

The Outcome

Beest Creative designed a dignified logo worthy of a place amongst the lifestyle of Ideal Detail’s target mindset.

01 — Targeting the audience

eliminating the guesswork

If you don't have a goal, you can't take the shot. Before any design work got underway, Beest Creative explored Ideal Detail's target audiences that could influence future design cues.

02 — Envisioning the new brand

Creating a vision worthy of success

With the target audience locked in, Beest Creative developed a board of carefully curated imagery. This thorough exploration allowed the new brand look to be visualised before moving to the design stages.

03 — It all starts with one
simple idea

Rapid sketchbook iteration was key in the early stages to allow Beest Creative to explore as many logo solutions as possible.

04 — Logo design

From sketchbook to screen

From the creative chaos emerges a functional, effective and beautiful new logo based on strategic decisions made prior to any design work.

05 — With great power comes great responsibility

It's one thing to create a beautiful new logo, it's another thing to use it effectively. The creation of an in-depth Style Guide was essential to enable Ideal Detail to wield their new look consistently across all future touchpoints.

06 — Bringing the brand to life

Visualising how a logo performs across workwear, signage and branded goods is an essential part of any brand development process. Rarely is a logo seen by itself, therefore real world applications helped confirm how the brand would translate across multiple touchpoints.

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