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A brand is all about keeping your promise

A brand is more than just a logo

Amplify your voice
In today's world, instant recognition it's more important than ever and essential to standing out in a crowded market. A strong brand identity is not only important for attracting new customers, but can be a great tool for quickly building trust and loyalty to establish your brand as an industry leader.

A brand is a collection of many things depending on how you measure it, but ultimately it boils down to keeping your promise. Do people trust you?

It all starts with the logo, which transforms into a metaphor for trust. Soon customers will transition from buyers to ambassadors for your brand, effortlessly recommending you to anyone and everyone looking for what you offer.
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Building an effective brand identity

Seeing the bigger picture
At Beest Creative, we build a brand identity in three parts — research, design and implementation.

// Research — This is where we ask the big questions to fully understand your current market and to determine your desired future state. Defining your brand’s core values, mission and unique position help drive the design forward and inject meaning into your brand identity.

// Design — From the market insights gained in the first stage, this part of the brand identity begins with the logo design and branches off into supporting brand elements. This includes choosing a colour scheme that reflects your brand's personality and values, selecting typography that complements your brand's style and much more - deliberately and methodically building a distinct and easily recognisable brand identity.

// Implementation — Rarely is a logo viewed by itself, isolated on a white background, so why design that way? Beest Creative’s implementation stage is where you get to understand how your new brand identity works in the real world. A brand is most effective when it is consistent across all touch points, be that social media, documentation, websites…the list is endless. We work with you to build a practical design systems and apply your new identity everywhere you are seen.

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becoming your creative partner
We understand that choosing a creative partner is no small task. Before any work begins we listen to you to determine whether we are a good fit and set the scene for the journey ahead.

Throughout all stages of a project, we implement an equal mix of creativity and strategy in order to arrive at a custom solution to your business problem. Our structured process saves time and money and helps everyone involved to stay on track.
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